Industrial Rehabilitation Program

industrialrehab1Jersey Central Physical Therapy is committed to high quality care to ensure quick recovery and safe return to normal activities for all our patients. Research shows that more than 70% of injured workers successfully return to work when the employer, case manager and health care provider work together in the rehabilitation process.

As a result, we provide the following:

  1. Immediate care for musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries by experienced Board Certified Specialists in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Aquatic Rehabilitation and Hand Therapy.
  2. Aggressive rehabilitation with emphasis on active exercise and return to work activities.
  3. Regular communication with all responsible parties regarding the injured employee’s status and progress.
  4. Functional Capacity Evaluations
  5. Work Reconditioning Programs.
  6. Pre-employment Examinations:
      a. Pre placement job screening
      b. Alternative return to work programs
      c. Functional job analysis for ADA compliance
industrialrehab3Functional Capacity Evaluations

We use the Medigraph RFC-DOT Functional Capacity Evaluation System for the following reasons:

  1. Our FCE is an objective, peer reviewed, published procedure based objective standards that were established in the journals Spine and The Clinical Journal of Pain.
  2. Our FCE uses computerized coefficient of variation testing to determine sincerity of effort.
  3. Our FCE eliminates uncertainty and liability concerns without violating peer-reviewed standards determining an individual’s work capacity.
  4. Our FCE has been designed, endorsed and is used by leading Physical Therapists in the Industrial Rehabilitation Sector.
  5. Thousands of FCE’s have been successfully performed by hundreds of providers to objectively determine Residual Functional Capacity.
  6. Our FCE provides reproducible, objective measures of effort admissible in a US Court of Law.
  7. We have performed hundreds of FCE’S over the past 15 years giving our referral sources confidence in our outcomes.


We have earned the reputation as a premier industrial therapy center by treating thousands of conditions ranging from back injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome with emphasis on return to work. We look forward to serving you.


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