MAX-FIT Fitness and Sports Specific Training


Our MAX-FIT Fitness and Sports Specific Training Program is under direction of our experienced Health Care Professionals and Personal Trainers.

More than a thousand discharged patients and clients have successfully used our personal training and sports specific programs to achieve their goals.

Our goal is to make your program fun and challenging by addressing your specific weaknesses and imbalances.

They have increased their motor control, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, balance, speed, power and overall functionality. This is vital to the athletes overall performance to maximize their potential for success.

We have successfully worked with athletes of all ages and levels in a variety of sports. Many professionals, national and regional athletes to aspiring children with dreams of success selected our Fitness and Sports Specific Training Programs.


sports performance training
Max-Fit Baseline Assessment

Each discharged patient or client who signs up for a Baseline Assessment receives a comprehensive evaluation of their cardiofitness function, a thorough instruction of all our programs and equipment in addition to an individualized program to meet their needs. Our programs not only meet the needs of a healthy or athletic population, but also are specifically designed for the following:

  1. Mature Adults
  2. Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Conditions
  3. Weight Management
  4. Exercise and Pregnancy
  5. Arthritis
  6. Cardiovascular disorders
  7. Hypertension
  8. Diabetes



Our 8,000 square foot facility has more than 50 pieces of Selectorized and Aerobic Equipment:

  • Cybex, Paramount, Maxicam, Sports Art, Scifit
  • CardioFitness with Cardiotheater
  • Several thousands pound of free weights
  • Abdominal/Core Strengthening Area
  • Stretching Area
  • TRX Training Area

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