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Participating Insurance Plans

Managed Care Contract List

We participate with most insurances and networks. We bill insurances companies directly on your behalf and accept plan benefits paid to us. Plan benefits are rarely complete payments for our services and co-payment, coinsurance, and deductibles often apply.

The following insurances are processed as follows:

1. MEDICARE: We are contracted as participating providers for Medicare Part A outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy services. This means that we will bill Medicare directly and we will receive their payments directly from them. If you have secondary or supplemental insurance, either Medicare will forward the claim or we will send your second insurance a claim and receive any benefit payments directly from them. You are responsible for any remaining deductible or co-insurance after insurance(s) has paid.

2. HORIZON BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD: We are contracted as a physical therapy and occupational therapy center participating "in-network" for all the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans (including all out of state Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans) in addition to the new Direct 10 and Direct 15 programs. This means that we will verify benefits and determine any required authorizations required for our services prior to your first appointment. It also means that we agree to reduce our fees to a contracted rate. If your plan requires a copay, these will be at the time of service. If deductibles or coinsurance apply, you will be required to pay them at the time of services.

3. OTHER PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCES: We participate with most managed care and private medical insurances for physical and occupational therapy services. We will contact them and determine how claims will be processed prior to your first visit. We will bill your insurance directly and accept payment from them. Any portion of our fees that are not paid by your insurance will be your reponsibility with payment due at the time services are rendered.

4. AUTO INSURANCES: We will call your insurance company to verify benefits prior to your first visit. Claims will be sent to them and any benefits will be paid to us directly from them. Any portion of our fees that are not paid by your auto insurance will be forwarded by us to your health insurance. Any unpaid remaining portion is your responsibility and a statement will be sent to you.

5. WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE: We will bill your workers' compensation insurance directly and we will be paid directly by the insurance company. Our services require prior authorization by your insurance and appointments will only be scheduled after receiving authorization. You are not required to pay for any portion our fees.


6. PRIVATE PAY: If you do not have insurance or do not wish to bill your insurance, we have a reduced Cash Fee Schedule for our services which are payable at the time of services by credit card, check, or cash (prompt payment discount).

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